When the Old meets the New ! …

Our artistic pallet timber work captures the beauty of the special moments of your life, which will forever live with you. The striking natural look of our pallets that weather and time has enhanced combined with our exclusive and unique décor ideas, will integrate perfectly with any place in your home.

Every piece is handmade and will have its own specific and unique characteristics.

If you want different sizes to what is offered, please contact us to discuss the material and complexity of your own unique features framing wishes and also the quotation. We will do our best to suit your needs.


1. Vintage Photo Frame on Rustic Pallet:  It is optional to send your photo to be mounted in the frame or, email us a copy with the exact measurements, for decor purposes. You may opt to mount the original photo in the frame yourself after your order is delivered.

2. Printed Image on Rustic Pallet: Please email us your photo. Our charming pallets and decor ideas will do the rest!


Rustic Pictures Frames
Rustic Picture Frames | Measurements and prices*:
DREAM60 x 48 x 4 cm$365
SUNRISE50 x 40 x 4 cm$365
HOME50 x 40 x 4cm$295
BLOSSOM50 x 40 x 4 cm$265
SWEETHEART50 x 40 x 4 cm$265

*Note: Different sizes can be supplied on request.
Please call us for a quote.

Rustic Printed on Wood
Rustic Printed on Wood | Measurements and prices*:
WELCOME PLAQUE128 x 40 x 4 cm$385
LOVE PALLET65 x 55 x 4cm$225
SINGLE ROSE PALLET40 x 30 x 4 cm$195
WEDDING VEIL PALLET60 x 30 x 4cm$215
LITTLE PEOPLE PALLET40 x 30 x 4 cm$125
RAINBOW COLLECTION(White, Pink, Blue & Mint)$145 Each

*Note: Different sizes can be supplied on request.
Please call us for a quote.


Our mirrors are high quality, cut to size by a skilled team from one of the top specialized companies in Australia.

You can choose from plane or bevel edge according to your preference and budget.

Vintage Mirrors
Each mirror frame and art work is handmade and has its own specific and unique characteristics. Our stock of pre-made frames is very limited and orders should be placed at least two weeks in advance.

Size & Price:

600cm x 500cm            $250

Beach Mirrors

Choose from our charming hand painted Beach Mirrors that will definitely add the ultimate beach flare to any house reminding you of the seaside and the smell of the beach.

Our Mermaid Art Decor will make you dream and fantasize of that exotic island holiday that you are wishing for.

Size & Price

550cm x 500cm            $ 265

The Woods

To decorate these gorgeous rustic mirrors we use tree branches that we find and selected while walking on riverbanks, parks and mountains.

Each piece is unique and, after preparation, our natural tree branches provide a beautiful way to bring nature into your home with a modern and rustic feel!


Mirror Size:   100cm x 70cm

Plane Mirror Edge:                 $ 755

Bevel Mirror Edge:                 $ 860


Pine, Oak and Mahogany Timber are used for our Riverbanks frame.

Mirror Size:   80cm x 70cm

Pine with Plane Mirror Edge:                    $ 355
Pine with Bevel Mirror Edge:                    $ 470

Oak with Plane Mirror Edge:                    $ 505
Oak with Bevel Mirror Edge:                    $ 580

Mahogany with Plane Mirror Edge:          $ 615
Mahogany with Bevel Mirror Edge:          $ 725

Note: If you want different sizes or timbers to what is offered, please contact us to discuss your custom order and we will do our best to suit your needs.


Inspired by Delia’s strong connection with Africa, where she grew up, here are, for your selection,   six sets of  D’elia’s   beautiful  Savannah porcelain coasters  reflecting  the landscape, the wild life, the blue sky, the bright sun and the amazing African sunsets.

What a fantastic gift, not only for a wedding but, in fact, for any special occasion!

It comes in an elegant white gift box, wrapped in our carefully selected organza colour ribbons and some decorative artificial leaves that can vary in shape or colour as you can see in the picture. We can assure you that it will always be beautiful!

Savannah Coasters

Set of six coasters featuring only one type of the selected wild animals.

Lion, Tiger*, Wolf, Zebra or Eagle.

All edges are painted gold but can be left natural or painted silver if you choose so.

Iconic Savannah Signature Coasters

This set of six coasters is unique and it represents the wild life cohabitation*  in such breathtaking landscape. It includes each one of the animals and an extra coaster in black, with Delia’s handwritten signature. All edges are painted gold but can be left natural or painted silver if you choose so.

Due to the natural handmade formation of D ‘elias Coasters , no set will be exactly the same. Variations of colour, shape, and thickness can occur!

Your will have its own specific and unique characteristics, which will complement and stand apart in any coffee or dining table in your house or of your loved ones.

Note: * Although Savannahs are not a natural habitat for Tigers, we couldn’t help including him in our set!
Savannah Coasters
Iconic Savannah Signature Coasters

Care and safety:
Please handle always with care.
Do not place in microwave, dishwasher or oven. Hand washed only

App. 10 x 10 x 1 cm, each coaster can vary on size.
The base of each coaster is completed with black felt.

Savannah Coasters:
Minimum order & Prices:
Standard order set of six:      $125

Iconic Savannah Coasters:
Set of six only:                       $ 155


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