Pet Memorial Candles

Pet Memorial Candles

Many of us have found our pet to be our best friend. Loyal, affectionate, cute and loving. Pets share our joy when we are happy and excited and silently comfort us when we are feeling blue.

The close relationship we share with our pets is awesome! Pets are a much treasured part of our daily life within our home and is the reason that losing a pet is heartbreaking.

Acknowledging your grief, the purpose of these pet memorial candles is to honour them. You can use the candle if you plan a memorial service for your pet. You’ll never forget your pet, but in time the painful feelings will ease and a candle with a photo of your pet in your house or office will help you to hold on the good and happy memories you had enjoyed together.

Sizes (ht x diam) and Prices:

Large – 230 x 75mm  –  $50
Medium – 200 x 60mm  –  $40
Small – 175 x 50mm  –  $30


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